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Transportation in Kiev

How to get from the Boryspil International Airport to the Kiev city center.

There are 2 airports in Kiev - Boryspil International Airport (for international flights) and Zhuliany Airport (for domestic flights).
After you arrived to Kiev (to Boryspil International Airport) you have 2 main options how to get to your hotel in the center of Kiev.

The first option is: there is a airport shuttle connection between Terminal B and the Kiev Central Railway Station (South Terminal). International air flights are usually of Terminal B. There are 2 terminals at the Boryspil International Airport – Terminal A (for domestic flights) and Terminal B (for international flights). So, after you go out from Terminal B you will see the airport shuttle stop (just opposite, around 30 meters from the exit). The buses to the center of Kiev departure every 20-30 minutes. Their rout is the following:
Boryspil International Airport (Terminal B) – Kiev metro (subway) station “Kharkivska” – Moskovska Square (near Central Bus Station) - Kiev Central Railway Station (South Terminal).
The cost of one way ticket is around USD 5 (EUR 4). You can buy tickets directly at the entrance to the bus.

The second option to get to your hotel in the center of Kiev is by taxi. The cost of taxi is from USD 25 to… I don’t write which can be the highest cost if taxi because it can be a lot.. depending on the honesty of the driver. Many times when we were waiting for somebody of my guests at the “Arrivals area” I saw that after the foreigner come out from the Custom area to Arrivals area, he was asked by many drivers… something like “Do you need a taxi?”. The particularity of taxi service in Kiev and in all Ukraine as well is that you need to negotiate the price before you enter a car. Most of divers does not speak English and there is some risk that you will not understand each other when you will negotiate the price. Moreover, concerning some drivers, when they see that you are a foreigner they can try to take as much money from you as possible. Unfortunately, this is the problem of many tourists places and cities.
Therefore, if you wish to take a taxi to Kiev city center we would recommend you to take a taxi at the Taxi Service Stand. You can see this stand immediately after you go out the Custom area to Arrivals area (just in 20 meters after you pass through the sliding doors and enter to Arrivals area).
If you book hotel in Kiev in advance then you can order a transfer services from the airport to your hotel. The price for car can be higher then the price for a taxi but in this case the driver will be waiting for you at the airport Terminal B (at Arrivals area) with a sign with your name on it. He will take you directly to your hotel.

Transportation in Kiev

There is well developed system of public transportation. There is metro (subway), buses, trams, trolley buses, private taxi-buses and taxi.

Buses, trams and trolley buses

You can buy tickets buses, trams and trolley buses inside at driver or at the stops at the special tickets places. The cost is 2 Hrivnas (USD 0.3 or EUR 0.2). If you buy tickets on the stop or at driver, then anyway after you enter the bus you need to punch it with a special devices inside the bus.

Private mini buses “marshrutki”

This a kind of public transportation in Kiev that is most popular and more often used by people then buses, trams and trolley buses. After you enter the “marshrutka” you need to pay immediately to a driver. The cost is from 2 to 2.5 Hrivnas (USD 0.3-0.35 or EUR 0.20-0.23) depending on the route. If you need to go out from this mini bus you need to ask the driver to make stop on the nearest stop of public transportation (stop of buses, trams and trolley buses).

Metro (subway)

Metro in Kiev 3 lines that connect different parts of Kiev with a city center. To enter the metro you need to buy a plastic tokens for automatic entrance machine. You can buy these blue plastic coins at the cashier window near the entrance. The cost is 2 Hrivnas (USD 0.3 or EUR 0.2) for 1 entrance. That means that you put once this plastic token in automatic entrance machine, pass through it and can use metro as long as you wish. You pay once and can use metro train for any distance and can change lines.
The names of stations are written in Ukrainian language. That would be nice if you have a Kiev metro map that shows names of stations in both languages. Then you go inside of metro train you can her the announcement of each station in Ukrainian language something like “Be careful the doors are closing. The next station is….” Unfortunately, in Ukrainian language only. There are Kiev metro maps with names of stations in Latin letters also inside of metro trains. Metro trains run from 5:30 am till 00:20 am.

This a list of hotels in Kiev and their locations near metro stations.
The following hotels are located in walking distance to Kiev metro stations (around 5 minutes walk):

Khreschatyk Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”)
Kozatskiy Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”)
Ukraine Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”)
Dnipro Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”)
Premier Palace Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Teatralna”)
Rus Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Palats Sportu”)
President Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Palats Sportu”)
Sport Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Respublikanskiy Stadion”)
Podol Plaza Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Kontraktova Ploscha”)
Domus Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Kontraktova Ploscha”)
Riviera Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Poschtova Ploscha”)
Tourist Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Livoberezhna”)
Adria Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Livoberezhna”)
Bratislava Hotel in Kiev (metro station “Darnytsya”)


If you stay in hotel in Kiev then in case you need to call a taxi you can ask hotel reception manager to call a taxi for you. If you outside the hotel and you need to call for a taxi you can call to any taxi services in Kiev. Some contact details:

054 Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 059, 236-90-59
Absolut in Kiev, Tel. 455-95-95, (067) 599-99-71, (066) 704-04-03
Super Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 237-29-99, 248-06-06
VIP Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 237-51-11, 237-30-37, (067) 247-40-47
Autotaks Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 451-00-21, 423-45-40
Autotur Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 461-36-36
Auto Center Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 510-40-40
Bars Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 237-21-00, 540-61-42, (050) 554-23-62
Bluz Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 501-42-42
Bolivar Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 531-45-31, (067) 500-64-52, (050) 387-86-09
Boss Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 201-05-01
Visit Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 451-74-47, 453-85-55
Grand Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 237-30-00, 237-36-76, 233-20-00
Delta Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 501-65-01, (050) 647-20-00, (097) 952-20-00
Euro Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 249-40-40, 246-10-36
Kasan Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 495-11-11, 568-81-82
Pilot Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 244-76-80, 277-20-46
Prime Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 240-34-24
Premier Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 233-11-20, 233-11-30
Prestige Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 241-82-41
Radio Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 249-62-49, 246-10-36, (050) 322-92-49
Simka Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 237-75-75, 501-07-07
City Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 502-02-02, 502-01-01, 501-02-02
Jaguar Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 237-7-70, 244-88-08, (067) 969-81-90
Twist Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 238-20-30, 568-05-50, 501-69-69
FM Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 502-05-02, (067) 440-05-02, (050) 205-05-02
Fortuna Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 459-04-39
Shanson Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 548-28-28, (067) 920-24-24, (050) 551-58-58
Express Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 239-15-15, 495-14-14
Era Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 237-25-25, 461-38-38, (050) 588-23-23
Alfa Taxi in Kiev, Tel. 227-71-11, 535-71-54

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